Patching and hardening in operational environments is resource intensive and complicated.

Achieve unmatched easy hardening, through a fully automated stack of selected security tools that are connected to the AX-CONTROL Platform to automate security and policy remediation while saving time and resources.



Achieving the highest level of security with less resources and effort, saving up to a return on investment of factor 10.

The AX-CONTROL Keeper is the key part of a structured approach to industrial cybersecurity and is powered by SteelCloud technology. It is used to automate CIS and STIG compliance and to make hardening easier.

The AX-CONTROL Keeper is a command center, measures get up-front tested in a digital twin and operates accordingly automated.

The AX-CONTROL Keeper stack connects to the AX-CONTROL Platform to deliver full control over the IT assets in critical operational area’s with real-time full visibility on the security and hardening status.

The solutions
AX-CONTROL Keeper creates compliance trouwgh easy hardening


The AX-CONTROL Keeper is part of step 3 “Protection & Hardening’ in the AX-CONTROL Program.

This complete cybersecurity program is for computer systems in operational environments. For compliance against the highest US cybersecurity standards.

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This Security tool is powered by Steelcloud

SteelCloud developed an automated compliance solution for hardeing computer systems in OT environments. 
This Security Tool support automatic testing and validation of CIS and / or STIG compliance.
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