Patching and hardening in operational environments is resource intensive and complicated.

Achieve unmatched easy hardening, through a fully automated stack of selected security tools that are connected to the AX-CONTROL Platform to automate security and policy remediation while saving time and resources.



Achieving the highest level of security with less resources and effort, saving up to a return on investment of factor 10.

The AX-CONTROL Keeper is the key part of a structured approach to industrial cybersecurity. It is used to automate CIS and STIG compliance and to make hardening easier.

The AX-CONTROL Keeper is a command center, measures get up-front tested in a digital twin and operates accordingly automated.

The AX-CONTROL Keeper stack connects to the AX-CONTROL Platform to deliver full control over the IT assets in critical operational area’s with real-time full visibility on the security and hardening status.

The solutions
AX-CONTROL Keeper creates compliance trouwgh easy hardening
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