AX-BOX Gatekeeper

Built for mission critical systems. It runs a unique Artificial Intelligence detection program to detect anomalies. The AX-BOX Gatekeeper is capable of protection and smart configuration management.

AX-BOX Gatekeeper for critical technical systems in OT security


AX-BOX Gatekeeper

The AX-BOX Gatekeeper runs an unique Artificial Intelligence detection program to detect anomalies, such as reconnaissance, in communication at a specific location. In addition, it has the possibility to set rules for smart configuration management, based blacklisting, controlled service support or the essence of a paired systems.

The solutions
AX-BOX Gatekeeper for OT cybersecurity in technical systems
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Screenshots of the console

All data gathered by an AX-BOX Gatekeeper will be communicated to our Security Platform, called AX-MANAGE. This management console is an on-premise application that enables to manage the installed AX-BOX Gatekeepers. AX-MANAGE can be easily be connected with an external device to translate your work permits into slot openings for the specific controller.


AX-MANAGE Event Timeline

In AX-MANAGE you can see an overview with the events of the controlled PLCs in a timeline overview. This gives you an easy insight of what happened at any operational controller in the field the PLC over time.



AX-MANAGE control suite can be connected to a local permit appliance. It can be used to give access to engineers who have an authorized work-permit to enable them to remotely log-in to modify the controller. Unauthorized communiction can be blocked real-time, to protect interference from programming devices without permission. The system is fully monitored and urgent (ad-hoc) login and authorized programming, in case of an incident, is only possible after acknowledgement by the supervisor on duty.


AX-MANAGE Change Control

The Change Control functionality provides an asset manager full control over the installed assets. All steps from the off-site testing to the on-site commissioning can be fully supervised in detail. This includes insight of code changes and differences in hardware configuration. The test manager can accept or rollback an installed version. When decided for a rollback, the latest known good version of software, which is available in the AX-BOX Gatekeeper (at field level) will be restored in the controller. This will be the version before any wrong changes were applied.

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