Cyber security program for computer systems in operational environments. Compliance against the highest US cybersecurity standards.

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Updating and making sure you are compliant is not enough. In most cases, processes such as updating, vulnerability scanning, and configuration management, are individually managed to match the underlying technologies. The devil is truly in the details, such as specific controls and compliance requirements set against each type of infrastructure.

The AX-CONTROL program, automates the scanning, mitigation and ongoing management of checks across the infrastructure, accelerating your security outcomes for the best solutions of patch management as well as defining those systems where levels are critical for securing infrastructure.

The program answering the following questions:
Program Ax-CONTROL


Save time and money!

Because it is an agent-less architecture, you can securely perform work without the need to load software on your operational technology assets. This enables hardening in every environment, as has been repeatedly proven throughout complex and highly secure applications and saves you time and resources, at a ROI of factor 8.


Insight & visualisation

You cannot defend what you don’t know you have. That is why the first step is asset identification. The most important step of the risk assessment process and of the overall security program in general.

Followed by asset characterization, the process of finding the specifics and details around an asset, including its function and criticality. This is executed real-time and on an on-going basis, to have full insight and visualisation.


Intelligence & vulnerability

Uncover vulnerabilities in the asset related to the identified charaterization. Our techniques to uncover vulnerabilities are based on automated tools which is an agent-less approach to interrogate the asset for versions revisions and configuration and verify that against the a database to identify any known vulnerabilities. This public database is the US standard maintained by NIST.


Protection & hardening

This fully automated and agent-less approach keeps your assets protected against missing patches, misconfigured services, and other security related issues. The functionality is to protect the assets controls for mis-usage and is based on the standards of the Center for Internet Security (CIS) and also to meet the Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) benchmarks. These guidelines are recommended for highly secured areas, such as airports and critical infrastructure.

This part of the program is possible because of our AX-CONTROL Keeper tool, powered by our exclusive partner SteelCloud. The AX-CONTROL Keeper tool is also available separately.

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