How we do it

aXite develops in-house components for the cybersecurity of technical installations. aXite always develops and configures these components completely ourselves, so that we have all the knowledge and skills available to gather the maximum out of the components. We regularly share this knowledge in publications and (online) seminars.

aXite have developed a number of specific applications or solutions, such as:

  • Artificial Intelligence models for the detection of anomalies or threats;
  • Open architecture: Service and Security Platform:
    • as a communication platform;
    • for easy connectivity with gateways or APIs;
    • for the secure sharing of data;
    • for making IT scalable.
Fitting together
  • Deep packet inspection:
    • for data integrity;
    • for real time FAT / SAT and change management;
    • for data in context for efficient response;
    • for network visualization and better capacity utilization.
  • Cyber resilience:
    • Zero trust on end-point and systems
    • Security by design – Detect and Protect (IDS and IPS)
    • 360º security – Monitoring sensor physics – Model based fault diagnoses
Skilled programming

A selection of our techniques

Skilled programming

Because aXite uses different platforms and always have to let them communicate with each other, aXite has a great knowledge of platforms, programming languages and communication protocols. Below is a selection of our applied techniques and standards:

Applied programming languages;

Applied platforms and operating systems:

Applied standards:

Usage of standards


And has knowledge of compliance for different sectors, such as:

  • NIST (National Institue of Standards and Technology);
  • NCSC (National Cyber Security Centrum);
  • IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission);
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation);
  • ISO 27000 en NEN 7510.

Technology Change Management

For project management and consultancy we use a self-developed methodology: Technology Change Management which is based on PRINCE2.

Technology Change Management

aXite implements Location Based Security. Learn more about it in our publication in: the Journal of Airport Management.