Cybersecurity in the Leisure Sector

Mauritshuis The Hague


axbox medical

This system is able to achieve communication security for your control applications in the technical room of accessible environments. Remote support by your suppliers is fully cybersafe with this solution.


This specifically tailor-made tool has been specially developed for the leisure sector. This concerns securing both data processing for operational processes and access security. The latter is often essential when it comes to industrial control systems.

In addition, these systems, such as a storage tank, control for your attraction, a wheelchair lift, or air conditioning system (HVAC), often last for decades. They are maintained on functionality but not on cyber security, while these systems are an ideal place for malicious parties to digitally house themselves. We can ensure that the LX-BOX Gatekeeper will keep your system safe for many years to come, without losing any guarantees and maintenance agreements.

Security through compliance and Location Based Security are applied in practice here.


blank Remote monitoring possible.
blank FAT / SAT Change Management under your control.
blank Stand alone or in an distributed environment.
blank Monitor, Detect, Protect and Control your assets.
blank Configure as a IIOT device for your specific parameters.
blank Fully vendor independent.