Industrial Data & Cybersecurity

Achieve unmatched full control, in-depth defense and extend the life cycle of mission-critical “legacy” assets while being compliant.

Have deep packet insight into data communications at machine level to achieve cost reductions. Become and remain fully compliant with the latest requirements and protocols.


Unique security tools built on operational experience

Based on decades of in-house operational experience with legacy assets within critical infrastructure and airport’s aXite Security Tools developed a program to fully protect and manage critical technical installations in most secured environments. aXite Security Tools has developed a program to fully protect and manage critical technical installations in the most secured environment, based on decades of in-house operational experience with legacy assets in critical infrastructure and airports.

With vulnerabilities present at every level within an operational environment, measures need to be taken to harden the system. Presence at a low machine level delivers additional data analytics to manage and balance capacity efficiently, for these mission critical systems.


aXite SECURITY TOOLS x Schiphol

Large Business Project nomination

Together with Schiphol, we are nominated for the Computable Awards in the Netherlands!

“When Schiphol Airport became aware of the possible security vulnerabilities of low level control systems (llcs), which entailed risks for the operation of the baggage handling system, it engaged aXite Security Tools to develop a solution. This innovation project resulted in the AX-BOX Gatekeeper, an AI-based automated security system that can be integrated with operational systems at airports to screen baggage. The system uses detection and analysis software to improve the security of airport systems when checking baggage.”

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computable awards

Products and services

Keeps your technical installations secure

aXite Security Tools brings you “Peace of Mind” with its unique industrial cybersecurity products, the AX-BOX Gatekeeper and the AX-CONTROL Keeper. Connected to the AX-CONTROL Platform, it fully automated monitors, manages and protects your technical system and it delivers Full Control and Configuration Management for your operational equipment. It generates insight into data communication which creates possibilities to execute data analytics for Cost Saving or Performance Improvement programs. Additionally, aXite Security Tools provides Support and Consultancy to execute these programs.

aXite Security Tools AX-BOX Gatekeeper and AX-CONTROL Keeper
Security Tools

Unique and patented Security Tools are developed to secure assets in operational environments:

  • AX-BOX Gatekeeper
    • to secure controllers
  • AX-CONTROL Keeper
    • to secure other assets
Security Monitoring - AX-CONTROL Platform provides automated and real time insights ZERO-Trust for legacy end-points
Security monitoring

The AX-CONTROL Platform provides automated and real-time insights into changes and anomalies in approved configurations. The ability to notify authorized or non-authorized access, is part of the ‘ZERO-Trust‘ for legacy end-points programs in the field.

aXite Security Tools security support on threat hunting and specific assets analytics SOC

Given the essence of threat hunting or specific assets analytics is essential, 24/7 support is available, tailored to specific needs and contexts. Any data gathered can be shared with any monitoring system and will directly be investigated by the Security Operations Team (SOC).

aXite Security Tools consultancy on MITRE ATT&CK ICS matrix defend compliant

aXite Security Tools adopted the MITRE ATT&CK ICS matrix to create awareness of different attack scenarios. We advise on how to defend against them and how to meet compliance requirements.


Asset management & compliance platform



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aXite Security Tools delivers

Full Control Industrial Cybersecurity made by technical experts with decades of experience in a wide range of production environments.

OT Cybersecurity

Expertise in technical installations in production environments that run on new and outdated operating systems. Securing these "legacy' control systems, which can make connections and communicate with other equipment and other components within the system via the network.

full control

Experience with clients that operate 24/7 operations, and with technical systems that should always maintain their functionality and availability. The developed change management procedure ensures configuration integrity.

cost savings

Expertise in cost-saving and performance improvement programs, to increase the load balance of machinery and the total system capacity and extension of end-of-life.


Experience with clients who demand real-time auditable compliance of systems. Fully automated hardening and change control will install a safe fence against known and unknown vulnerabilities.

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