Cybersecurity in the Healthcare

Erasmus Rotterdam


axbox medical

This system is able to achieve a very high level of communication security for your medical control applications through a learning mode.

If the operating software of medical technical equipment, such as ultrasound equipment, becomes earlier than expected -end of life-, it will cause early and / or accelerated depreciation of equipment and will lead to unforeseen additional investments and / or costs. Outdated operating systems of medical technical installations, such as Windows XP and Windows 7, have sometimes not been provided with updates by Microsoft for years and therefore pose a serious risk to the business operations of an organization and to the reliability of (patient) data from a cybersecurity point of view. The medical equipment is usually in good technical and functional condition and could still be used for a few more before the economic life span comes to an end. However, with the discontinuation of support for operating software by the supplier, an activity will have to be carried out to ensure that the equipment can still be used cybersafe and that the necessary compliances and / or certificates can be maintained in order to ensure patient and care (data) purposes.


The MX-BOX will leave the existing hardware, software and functionality intact. An “intelligent” system will be installed on site that will monitor the network for “normal” behavior. Connections and messages that are not necessary will be blocked and allowed traffic will be checked for correct content. In case of deviation from this behavior, an alarm is generated, this alarm can be recorded directly in a dashboard, integrated SIEM or run completely stand alone.

This means location based (cyber) security is realized in the existing environment.

The hardware complies with medical standards as set by IEC 60601-1 and IEC 60601-1-2.


blank No TCP / IP configuration necessary. The system provides invisible cyber security.
blank Ready to use in patient areas.
blank Works stand alone or in a distributed environment.
blank Monitor, Detect, Protect and Take Control of your systems.
blank Supports DICOM and HL7 (Health Level Seven) protocols.
blank Completely supplier independent.