aXite Security Tools fully understands the need for an always operational world. Airports face a 24/7 operation. Hospitals expect their patients at any time of the day and your package can be delivered the same day or next morning.

Therefore we have integrated our 24/7 services in our DNA. These services cover the following topics and will be tailored to your needs.  As a result your technical systems can always maintain their functionality.

  • Security monitoring and response (SIEM/SOC services);
  • controlling and managing installed assets;
  • and maintenance, either corrective or preventive.

With agreed Service Level Targets we set up a Service Level Agreement so your system will meet the availability you expect from it and above all, it keeps your system healthy and operational.

Security monitoring and response


Out team is able to monitor your installations for any disturbance in their normal behaviour. When our products are installed these system will react on any disturbance in the required operation. Either in maintenance mode when Change Management is controlled, or in operation when an attacher or an employee undertakes an unplanned action by mistake. This will result in automated reporting to our operators which then respond on the event..
As a start they will quickly analyse the incident and advice your operators on the best steps to be taken; with process continuity in mind, and a recovery plan. As a result your operation will face as minimal impact as possible.

The team will in parallel store as much information as needed to set up a forensic report to help to find the root cause of the incident reported.

Secured conveyor belt

Controlling and managing installed assets

Secured conveyor belt

With a fully installed AX-BOX Gatekeeper solution the management of these systems may be performed by your own employees, but can also be fullfilled by our service team.
Releasing of controllors for update or data analysis, supporting to share information within your organisation or the setup of recurring reports. All of these are part of the skillsets of our people and they are happy to add additional adivces or pro-actively report their findings.



Although designed with a low-maintenance required requirement in mind, every systems to be maintained. At first, preventive maintenance is the key to lower the need for corrective maintenance and reduces any unavailability to a minimin. At second they will apply corrective activities when a system is not performing at his best performance. And at last they will perform necessary software upgrades when necessary, but can also assist your technicians.

We apply ITILv4-based maintenance to our installed systems and monitor their entire lifecycle and specific configurations. Because of this we have a full incident, problem and change registration (IPW). In addition, you will receive full reporting and insight into our configuration management activities and possible innovative improvements that can take your installation even further.