Cybersecurity in the industry

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This system is able to achieve a very high level of communication security for your control applications in the industrial sector through. Reliabilty to ensure continuity for mission critial systems is ensured by specific for purpose designed hardware.

All software components are build or configured for production environments to ensure the continuity of your operation. After installation you will already enjoy much of the functionality present in the box. You will also able to control your assets and changes will only be permitted if you say it is allowed for operation. After a few days the self-learning mode of the system is ready to bring the cyber security possibilites of the system to the maximum level.


This system, designed with availability and security in mind, is able to achieve a very high degree of communication security for your control applications in the industrial field via a self-learning mode. After learning the communication, the system can independently monitor the message flow between your control system and surrounding systems after about 1 week. Deviations, both on behaviour and on content in this communication, will be regarded as a possible threat.

mitigated risks


All data gathered by the AX-BOX Gatekeeper will be communicated to our AXManage Security Platform. With this on-premise application you are able to control the installed security equipment.


blank No TCP/IP configuration necessary. A 100% fully masquaraded cyber security system.
blank FAT / SAT Change Management under your control.
blank Stand alone or in an distributed environment.
blank Designed with the availability of the installation in mind.
blank Monitor, Detect, Protect and Control your assets.
blank Configure as a IIOT device for your specific parameters.
blank Fully vendor independent.