Gatekeeper protects operational processes

aXite Security Tools supplies the following products for protecting your installations. Whether these are located at an airport, production environment, hospital or a museum. Would you like to learn more about the different markets in which aXite is now active? See the page markets.

AX-BOX Gatekeeper

Airport Sydney

This system is able to achieve a very high level of communication security for your control applications in the industrial sector through. Reliabilty to ensure continuity for mission critial systems is ensured by specifiic for purpose designed hardware.



MX-BOX Gatekeeper

Erasmus Rotterdam

This system is able to achieve a very high level of communication security for your medical control applications through a learning mode. After learning the communication, the system can independently monitor the message flow between your operating system and surrounding systems after about 1 week. Deviations, both in behavior and content in this communication, are considered harmful.


LX-BOX Gatekeeper

Mauritshuis The Hague

This system is able to achieve communication security for your control applications in the technical room of leisure environments. Calling in suppliers for support is this made cybersafe.


Control, maintenance and monitoring


aXite Security Tools fully understands the need for an always operational world. Airports face a 24/7 operation. Hospitals can expect their patients at any time and your package should be delivered the next morning.

Therefore we have integrated our 24/7 services in our DNA. These services cover the following topics and will be tailored to your needs.  As a result your systems are always able to provide their functionality.

blank No TCP/IP configuration necessary. A 100% fully masquaraded cyber security system.
blank FAT / SAT Change Management under your control.
blank Stand alone or in an distributed environment.
blank Remote monitoring.
blank Monitor, Detect, Protect and Control your assets.
blank Configure as a IIOT device for your specific parameters.
blank Fully vendor independent.
blank 24/7 Services for Cyber support.