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Operating software used in medical technical equipment, such as ultrasound scanning equipment can reach the end of its lifespan prematurely and/or experience accelerated depreciation without proper cybersecurity protocols in place. Premature deterioration of equipment can lead to unforeseen additional investments and/or costs.

Outdated operating systems of medical technical installations, such as Windows XP and Windows 7, often go years without being updated properly and therefore pose a serious risk to the business operations of an organization and to the reliability of patient data from a cybersecurity perspective. The lifespan of medical equipment in good technical and functional condition could be extended for years if maintained correctly, even beyond the standard operating software support period provided to the customer by the supplier.



medical tablet

aXite can ensure that your equipment can still be used in a cybersafe manner to maximize its lifespan and can help you maintain the necessary compliances and/or certificates to protect patient and care data.

How can data and configuration integrity under the NEN 7510 standard of equipment with end-of- life control software be guaranteed? Read more here and contact us for information about our Healthcare solution for medical technical equipment. 


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