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The leisure industry is growing more and more each year and, consequently, must take similar precautions to other industries, such as the production industry, healthcare and the service sector.

Museums, event halls and other accommodations must consider all the same cybersecurity elements including:

  • the IT environment;
  • the OT environment, such as cooling installations and climate control;
  • embedded systems, such as cash registers and ticket systems.

 IT, OT and Privacy often convergein this industry and this sector is often an easy target for cyber criminals, due to visibility and easy access.



Unwanted digital access to the OT environment can lead to significant damage and can negatively influence other systems.

Climate installations or cooling systems, for example, often operate with outdated operating systems. These systems may be able to make connections and communicate with other equipment and other components within the system via the network. This gives malicious actors an opening to infiltrate your critical infrastructure.

For more information about how aXite can help your protect your control cabinets and control software and prevent physical changes to the system, please contact us.

blank We look after your OT systems in a IT oriented environment.
blank In addition to cyber risks, we also include the physical risks of your systems.
blank Quick insight into your cyber risks.
blank Can be used as a safe IIOT system to get more information from your systems.