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The leisure industry is hot. The leisure industry is therefore approached just as seriously as the production industry, education, healthcare and the service sector.

Museums, event halls and other accommodations often have the following components under the same roof:

In this situation, the security of IT and OT and Privacy also converge and this sector is often an easy target for cyber criminals, due to visibility and easy (physical) access.



The organization often pays attention to the website and IT-related systems. While unwanted (digital) access to the OT environment can lead to great damage and disadvantage and can negatively influence other systems.

A climate installation or cooling installation is such a system, often with an outdated operating system. And these systems may be able to make connections and communicate with other equipment and other components within the system via the network.

Request information here for the protection of control cabinets and control software, to prevent (uncontrolled) physical changes to the system.

blank We look after your OT systems in a IT oriented environment.
blank In addition to cyber risks, we also include the physical risks of your systems.
blank Quick insight into your cyber risks.
blank Can be used as a safe IIOT system to get more information from your systems.