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In aviation, many operational systems run on outdated technology platforms, exposing them to myriad cybersecurity risks. These control systems are responsible for countless connections and communication channels with other equipment and other components within the system via the network.

An “intelligent” system with Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) and “self-learning” modules can be placed on location to monitor the network for “normal” behavior. (See this page for further information).This system then collects data and insights provides insight and reports on possible threats, so that they can be quickly and efficiently identified, blocked and mitigated. This increases security with regard to software integrity, network security and physical security.

Additionally, real-time Change Management can be applied to the specific pieces of technical equipment so that the configuration of the system is continuously checked for complience. It is particularly important in the aviation sector to be compliant with the government OT / ICS cybersecurity requirements.

Download the white paper for “Location Based (Cyber) Security” or the white paper on “Change Management” below or contact us for further information on how aXite protects aviation systems.


blank Development and innovation applied in the airport processes.
blank Very innovative and supplier independent.
blank Decades of experience in knowledge of airport security and operations.
blank Active partner at ACI Europe.
blank Knowledge of Fieldbus and machine specific networks. Including the interaction with IT.
blank Data analysis of specific technical systems and networks.