“Are you cyber secure?”

An article about the latest features of cybersecurity and an interview with the managing director of aXite:

In recent years the scale and the robustness of cyber attacks have increased rapidly. An often used weapon are the DoS attacks, during which huge amounts of data are sent to servers, resulting in servers getting stuck. Hackers try to make companies that they are attacking pay ransomware payments in return for lifting their blockades. Lesser known are attacks relating to operation technology, motivated by confiscating IP or by sabotage. A large game changer in this field was the Stuxnet attack to the Iranian nuclear plant Natanz. The Stuxnet computer worm compromised the industrial controllers brought by an insider with a USB stick. This malicious exploit was installed and caused substantial damage to the equipment.

CYBERSECURITY IN CAN MAKING                                                                                                                                                                  As companies worldwide have become aware of the huge risks cyber attacks present to them. aXite’s team built over the years a cybersecurity practice in operational technology and integrated control systems (ICS) for the can industry. Managing director Bert Willemsen, in the past sales director in the can making business at Continental Can Europe and Impress, founded this company in 2013 and has gathered a team of cyber specialists with many years of experience around him. In this article aXite examines how companies within the can making business can become more conscious when it comes to its cybersecurity.


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