A 360° view on asset inter-network-dependencies and the role of ICS / SCADA SECURITY

Cyberattacks can have a massive impact on the physical world. Administrators might have a clear picture of their own grids, but their notion on infrastructures managed by other operators and how these affect each other is still not optimal. We have to understand, how critical infrastructures, networks and the environment interact. Can we control change of controls and secure program integrity, put data in context and become NIST 800-82r2 and or IEC 62443 compliant? How can we combine risk management with the impact on financials or safety for each event before we decide to override?

We talked about the 360° view on critical infrastructures, taking into account network and asset interdependencies and the ability to run various near-real time simulation scenarios. This approach of cyber risk management and business continuity, should enable you to assess impact and mitigate damage and gives you the ability to prepare for remediation and recovery scenarios, while staying operational. Could a Digital Twin be a possible solution?

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