ISO 27001 certification

We stand for quality and are therefore ISO 27001: 2017 certified. We recently had a full audit and we passed the audit positively. This means that we work according to strict, international ISO standards and received our certificate.

Annual checks

Every year we are checked by external organizations to see if we still meet all standards, we receive a clear report with all the points that score well, the points that need attention and whether there are any deviations in the processes. In recent years we have been audited annually for ISO 9001 and our performance is increasing. We are very proud of that!

What this means for our customers?

The ISO 27001: 2017 certification means for customers that information security related to integration, assembly, testing, innovation, managing and maintaining change management systems on operational controllers, providing industrial cybersecurity products and providing data through the cybersecurity platform, can be performed with aXite Security Tools in a safe and known way.

IWe are proud of our certifications and work daily to improve our processes, for ourselves and for our customers!

ISO 27001 Certificate