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What we do

aXite secures technical installations against cyber attacks and possible data leaks and support asset management with innovative soltutions to make sure the integrity of their system is under control and fully compliant with security and cyber directives. By doing so aXite can extend the lifecycle of systems which otherwise would became end-of-life. By applying open standards and techniques we ensure uniform data connectivity and stay vendor independent.

Our passion for operational environments, technical installations and cybersecurity makes our offer unique. We secure the most valuable and critical parts of your technical systems. Our expertise in technology makes us a reliable and expert partner. For our customers we offer unique solutions using:

  • Information Technology (IT) cybersecurity with Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity;
  • Consultancy with supply of our fit-for-purpose OT cybersecurity products;
  • Cybersecurity for new and older operational systems, stand-alone or embedded;
  • Your own Service Security Platform, for security systems and technical equipment;
  • Physical security with cybersecurity;
  • Collect data securely with IIoT with useful data analyzes;
  • Network and / or system analysis for optimization and savings.

aXite advises you on how to make your installations cyber-secure, so that you don’t have to worry. We do this by determining the required compliance for your environment. aXite can also execute the complete change management of programs or your configuration during adjustments to your installation fully controlled, so that you will not be faced with surprises afterwards.

Based on your question or specific need, our approach starts with an analysis of cyber security and a risk inventory of the technical system. aXite makes this transparent and then provides the appropriate and technical cyber-secure solution. This can be done with the help of our own high-quality products, such as the Gatekeeper systems, or by using tools from selected partners.

With this approach aXite can provide you with the most suitable cybersecurity and you meet the security standards applicable in your market, while leaving the existing operational environment intact.

Curious for which markets we do this? Take a look at our page markets.

Threat from the outside and from the inside

Sharing data is becoming increasingly important both within and outside the organization. Because of smart industry, also known as industry 4.0, production environments are increasingly connected to the outside world, such as suppliers, which entails a cyber security risk.

But conscious or unconscious danger and / or risks can also arise from within. For example during the upgrade work of your systems. This does not only have to be done in the field of cyber security, unauthorized changes can also cause you to no longer meet your compliance.

Based on this information, we have developed a technical solution that is uniquely placed within your environment and thus monitors, protects and / or manages both new and existing installations within your environment. Use is made of artificial intelligence, smart rules and detailed knowledge of industrial protocols for computers that are used. This makes aXite Security Tools your partner for the protection of technical installations.


aXite Security Tools consists of a group of approximately 20 experts who are enthusiastically working every day to continuously develop innovative solutions for customers. Based on years of experience, gained in various industries, such as aviation, healthcare, oil & gas and production environments, our technical professionals can find innovative practical solutions. This in combination with a specific Agile approach adapted by us.

aXite Security Tools is led by Bert Willemsen and Menno Cadee.


Bert Willemsen

Bert is EVP Cybersecurity at aXite Security Tools. Bert advised airports on airside, landside, safety and cybersecurity security challenges. He is a member of the ACI Europe Aviation Security Committee. He has been involved in several optimization projects of security checkpoints at airports in Europe.

Bert has a clear vision of how cybersecurity can be realized in organizations. Due to his extensive experience in cybersecurity strategies and cybersecurity management, he can make the practical translation into responsible investments or savings in combination with increased security.

Bert introduced Location Based (cyber) Security, with a focus on the Baggage Handling System (BHS) and introduced a platform for sharing information and knowledge to defend airports against cyber terror.

During his career he has performed in-depth process analyses of internal and external processes in various sectors, such as healthcare, museums, oil & gas industry, food & beverage companies and production environments. He has translated these into smart IT solutions, such as Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) implementations. Auditable compliance with specific sector regulations and legislation has his special attention.


Bert Willemsen

Menno is EVP Technical Cybersecurity and responsible for the introduction of new technologies by aXite Security Tools, such as OT Security, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, in the field of airport operations, physical access and IT.

Menno started his career 20 years ago in aerospace software engineering and broadened his knowledge through roles in the technical integration of various technical installations in different markets, including baggage handling systems, airport handling systems and other (medical) technical installations.

He gained experience as an IT security expert with penetration testing, vulnerability assessments of both hardware and software systems and security audits. He has conducted ethical hacking and penetration testing for various organizations and is an expert in social engineering and advanced persistent threats. During his career, he has faced various technical challenges to improve or secure business-critical processes and performance of airports and other operational environments.

Menno introduced Change Management to complement cybersecurity and introduced a platform for real-time management of assets, so that configuration and data integrity can be guaranteed. This is the most difficult step in demonstrating compliance in OT / ICS cybersecurity.

Partners and Membership

aXite also regularly shares her knowledge as key-note speakers at security conferences and in publications in various professional journals. aXite is also an active member of the ACI Europe (cyber) security Committee, The Hague Security Delta (HSD) and the Nederlandse Aerospace Group (NAG). aXite thinks along and designs to make the systems within the critical infrastructure even safer.

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